The best Tasting Coffee

There are many ways to improve the flavor of coffee, but the key question to ask first is if one drinks their coffee black, or with cream and or sugar.  So these are the essentials to start off with, and everyone has their preference.  Personally, I prefer mine with cream and Truvia, that new sugar substitute.

The right mix of cream and sugar, or the sugar substitute is essential for the best tasting cup of coffee.  That’s why whenever I’m eating out and the waitress comes over to the table to refresh my cup of coffee, I immediately wave her off!  Why?  Because I can’t stand my blend of coffee and cream to be diluted with more coffee, that’s why.  I can’t figure out why most servers don’t understand this.  I know they are trying be nice and do their job, but the proper mixture is essential for the right taste, and adding more coffee can dilute that mixture.

Would you like to have a perfect cup of coffee without using a spoon to mix your blend of cream and coffee?  That is, if you use cream?  The easiest way is to add the cream and sugar first to the cup!  That way, when you pour the coffee into the cup, it’s automatically blended!  You don’t need a spoon at all, and it’s one less utensil you have to wash.  But back to improving the flavor of coffee, there are some steps to take when you make your coffee that will always improve the flavor.

For me the best tasting coffee is drinking it within a few minutes after my coffee maker is done making it.  If the coffee sits there for a while, such as an hour or so, it never fails to impart a burnt taste in my mouth!  Maybe I’m sensitive, perhaps overly so, but I have to have a fresh tasting cup of coffee.  My mother used to put the damn coffee urn in the fridge if there was any left over!  That’s probably a leftover from the depression days of not wasting anything, God bless her soul.  But I couldn’t stomach it when she did that, and the coffee always tasted like crap!  So if you are just making coffee for yourself, try to estimate how much you think you’re going to drink, and make that amount.  Leftover coffee just doesn’t cut it!

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