Does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth?

She works in the wine industry and she drinks a lot of red wine, coffee and through time her teeth have become darker. Bianca needs to make her smile a bit brighter. To her it is very important because it attracts more people, when you smile your beautiful smile makes you more confident.

She want it done quickly without spending an arm and a leg. So for her a good option seemed to be a process called ‘Quick White’ the treatment involves using a light to activate a whitening gel on the teeth. It is a brand new procedure developed that takes one third of the time of virtually everybody elses whitening procedure.

Instead of three doses of the whitening gel you only need one dose to almost approach the same level of whitening.

The key is before the whitening gel and light is put on, the dentists puts on a pretreatment gel made of diamond dust. This pretreatment makes the teeth three shades lighter. The cost of this treatment is only $200 per session compared to some other treatments that cost $2000.

The procedure takes less than an hour and is safe because the bleaching material is only on the teeth for a short period of time. Because of this short time it creates much less sensitivity when compared to other whiteners. The results have shown five to seven shades lighter so far which is really good. Usually with Zoom bleach they get nine shades or ten shades.

So more than half of the result on what will normally be three sessions, in one third the session and one third the fee as well. While many people use ‘Quick White’ as their principal teeth whitening method many also use it as a touch up method for events such as weddings, reunions, job interviews and other important dates.

Bianca likes it because it is easy, it only takes 20 minutes. She can come have it done during her lunch break and the head back to the office, with your arm and leg intact.

Home Teeth Whitening: How Can I Get My Teeth Whiter at Home?

Are you interested in knowing how you can get your teeth whiter at home? The following article will explain a couple of different options you have to bleach your teeth at home and learn the method of whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide. One of the first options is that you would purchase Hydrogen Peroxide. Then deep your toothbrush in the peroxide and let it sit in there for a while.

Take it out and brush your teeth with it for about 1 to 2 minutes, let it sit on your teeth too as you brush your teeth really focusing on getting in between your teeth and around the crevacies. Remove the toothbrush rinse your mouth out with some salt water rinse or with cold water just to get the nasty taste out.

Another option is to get some baking soda, place water in it to make it like a paste consistency and then deep your toothbrush in it. It will look almost like a toothpaste and brush your teeth with it for 1 to 2 minutes or a bit longer if you feel the need to. It all depends on how severe the staining is on your teeth. Rinse your mouth out with some cold water.

You would want to do this periodically say for one to two times a week, or once a week. What that will do is keep the staining of your teeth especially if you are a big coffee drinker or a smoker. It will kind of remove those stains and keep your teeth nice and white. Those are some of the different solutions you have to bleach your teeth from home.

Here are 3 other products you can try at home to whiten your teeth…

  • TeethMaxWhite – Whitens up to 7 shades, Works Almost Instantly!
  • Idol White – A teeth whitening pen polishes while whitening teeth.
  • Celebrity Smile – Whitens your teeth 3 – 5 shades, in just 2 weeks.
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Cajun Omelet Crawfish Crabmeat Spicy Breakfast Food Eggs

I grew up in south Louisiana and have been eating Cajun food since I could say ‘spicy’.  I have been cooking with my mama and my maw-maw since I could reach the counter from my step ladder. I went to LSU, and yell and scream for my Tigers every season. I have spent many a weekend tailgating at Death Valley, and anyone who has ever done that knows that all we do is cook, eat, and drink!  Here is a wonderful pair of recipes that we make Saturday morning after tailgating all night Friday night! This recipe feeds 6.

Cajun Tiger Omelet

1 1/2 cups peeled Louisiana crawfish tails (leftover from the crawfish boil the day before)

1 cup andouille sausage, uncased.

1 large Vidalia sweet onion (diced)

2 whole garlic bulbs, minced

1 stick unsalted butter

1 cup sliced button mushrooms

1 cup diced sweet red bell pepper

1 cup chopped green onions

6 oz goat cheese

½ tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp black pepper

2 tbsp salt

1 tbsp gumbo file powder

1 tsp cumin powder

18 eggs, beaten together.

½ cup heavy cream

Sautee onions and garlic and sausage together until sausage is fully cooked and chopped. You should use raw sausage meat without the casing on it. When meat is cooked, remove it from the pan, putting the sausage drippings aside in a bowl. 

Mix powdered spices and heavy cream into egg mixture and whip with whisk 4 minutes.

In a non-stick skillet add 1/6th of the stick of butter and a tsp of the drippings (or 1/6th of them, depending on the amount you have). There should be enough butter/sausage dripping to come over the edges of the egg you put in the pan. If you need more butter to make this happen, add it. We Cajuns can’t get enough butter!

After the butter is melted, add 1/6th of the egg mixture. Your pan should be over low or med low heat.

Add ¼ cup of crawfish, 1/6th of the sausage mix, peppers, green onions, and mushrooms.

You want to lift the edges of this omelet to allow the liquid eggs to get underneath. Keep doing that until no more egg pours off the top when you lift it.  When it is halfway cooked, add 1 oz goat cheese, crumbled.  When no more egg pours off, flip the entire omelet over. Allow it to lightly brown on the other side.

Serve this omelet with Abita Turbo-dog and Tabasco.

Cajun ‘who dat’ omelet

This omelet should be made at home, on a Sunday morning before the Saints game.

3 eggs

2 oz heavy cream

¼ cup blue crab lump meat

¼ cup diced gulf shrimp (cooked)

1/8 cup fresh tarragon

8 leaves fresh spinach

½ tsp garlic powder

Dash cayenne pepper (optional)

Dash celery salt

Salt and pepper to taste

Tbsp gruyere cheese- shredded very finely

¼ stick butter

Melt the butter in non-stick skillet.  Whisk eggs and cream and salt and pepper and other dry ingredients until blended and fluffy.  Pour into melted hot butter in skillet over medium heat.

Add meats, tarragon, spinach, and red pepper to top of omelet. You want to lift the edges of this omelet to allow the liquid eggs to get underneath. Keep doing that until no more egg pours off the top when you lift it.  When it is halfway cooked, add gruyere.  When no more egg pours off, flip the entire omelet over. Allow it to lightly brown on the bottom.

Serve with a mimosa or some chicory coffee-au-lait and of course, Tabasco.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Buyers Guide to Cake Mixes

The problem many people find with baking a cake from scratch is the science of getting everything right for success. If you’re a person who’s baking fails more often than not, or you need to have a cake made quickly with minimal fuss, then purchasing a cake mix may be for you.

Or you may be an experienced baker and want to sample how a cake tastes and how it’s texture should be after baking, before your attempt to create it yourself. A store bought cake mix may also be a great choice to achieve this.

With the many varieties of cake mixes available, spanning several shelves at your supermarket, how do you decide which one will succeed and taste the best?
Here is a guide to determine the best cake mix from the various selections.


Determining what type of cake or sweet you want to make, it’s taste and occasion that call for it, you need to know what you want.

The selection of cake mixes can be overwhelming, and what you originally thought you wanted might get exchanged for something else. So I suggest you look at what you feel like eating, determine the occasion whether it be for afternoon tea with friends or some baking fun with the kids and decide before you shop.

You may like a butter cake, or a chocolate cake, or one that contains fruit.


Most cake mixes only need the use of water, milk or eggs to be added to the mix. Choose according to how simple the recipe is, looking at the preparation and baking time to make sure it is simple. Cake mixes are designed to cut down the preparation time considerably, making them great things to buy when you need to whip up a cake in a hurry.


Most cake mixes are great, but when you’re undecided it may be better to go with a manufacturer you know and trust. Cadbury is my favorite chocolate, so I often head to the cake mixes that are manufactured by this company. This is only because I love their chocolate and is a trusted supplier of my indulgence.

You can determine how popular a brand of cake mix is by seeing its availability on the shelf. If there are several rows of a particular type, it’s because it sells in high quantity. If it sells, it is often found popular by many people.


Always read the ingredients on the box of cake mix to ensure the manufacturer uses high quality flour, sugar, chocolate and colorings. You want to avoid those that contain preservatives and poor quality ingredients.

You also may need to view the ingredients if someone you’re baking for has nut allergies or wheat allergies.


I can’t stress this important decision in buying a cake mix enough. With all other types of food, make sure your cake mix is well before the used by date. Fresher ingredients such as flour used or chocolate need to be fresh to create the desired outcome.


Reading the box of a prepared mix, always pay attention to what items need to be purchased to prepare the cake. Most need eggs, water, sugar, butter oil or milk to be added to the mixture. Other recipes require only a whisk or spoon to beat the ingredients, where some call for electric beaters.

Always read the cake tin size recommendations as well, as the cooking time and heat is determined by how large your cake tin is.


Buy your cake mix depending on the occasion you are baking it for. Consider how many people will be attending and any dietary obligations such as gluten and nut content. You could also buy a simple cake mix and decorate it to suit the occasion.

By using the following tips and reading the instruction very carefully before you begin preparing and cooking, will most often create the desired outcome. Cake mixes are very handy, cutting the preparation time down considerably and most often creating the perfect cake.

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Best Wood for Smoking Meat

Smoking meat add natural wood smoke flavor to different cuts of meat, while leaving it juicy and tender. Meats cook slowly without being directly placed on the fire. The kinds of woods used in smoking varies regionally and according to whether or not you want bold, mild or sweet flavors. In general, you have a wide selection of woods from which to choose for whatever meat you plan to smoke.


Apple wood chips and chunks give grilled and smoked meats a sweet, fruity flavor. Apple wood works with any kind of meat; however, it is best for salmon and other fatty fishes and pork. You can also mix apple wood with other woods when cooking salmon on a barbecue pit. The meat will take on the flavor of the type of apple grown on the tree.

Wild Cherry

Wild cherry, like apple wood, adds a sweet, fruity flavor to smoked meat. It offers versatility, able to work with poultry, veal, game, ham, and sausage. Wild cherry give rich flavor in seafood and shellfish. Meat and seafood also get a rich dark color from the wood. says wild cherry is one of the most popular hardwoods used for flavoring meat.


Likely, you have heard of hickory smoked meats and have probably tasted this flavor. History smoked meat has a strong, bold flavor commonly associated with pork products like bacon and ribs. In addition to pork, hickory works in beef and poultry. Because it has a bold flavor, not much hickory is needed to smoke a perfect piece of meat.


Mesquite is another wood that gives smoked meats a bold, smokier flavor, particularly chicken, beef and fish. Mesquite wood should not be used in large pieces because it would add to smoking time. To cut down on its strength, you can add milder fruit woods to mesquite. Green mesquite gives meats a bitter taste, so it should be avoided. Local hardware stores sell mesquite wood that can be used for smoking meat.


Oak wood adds a medium to bold flavor to meat, yet it does not overpower the natural flavors. Oak works best for slow smoking large cuts of meat like briskets, roasts, chops and steaks. People pick red or white oak, depending on the flavor they wish to achieve. Red oak gives meat a sweeter flavor while white oak burns longer.


Pecan wood gives meat a fruity flavor, and because of its slow, cool burn, pecan is the choice for larger cuts of meat, like briskets, roasts and steaks, that need to cook longer. It also added a rich flavor to fish and poultry. Pecan wood mixes well with stronger woods like hickory and mesquite, minimizing their bold flavors.


Maple wood offers a mild smoky, sweet taste to grilled foods and burns cool like pecan wood. It adds flavor to all kinds of meats, as well as vegetables. Maple wood trees grow in the Northeastern United States, so that’s were you generally find those flavors. Because it has a sweet taste, maple wood mixes well with hickory and mesquite.

The variety of woods used for smoking meats offers a variety of flavors that enhance the taste of your cuts. You get to chose from mild sweet woods or bold, rich ones. You can also smoke your meat with a mixture of woods to produce a balance of bold and sweet. No matter what smoking wood you choose, you are guaranteed flavorful meats to tantalize the taste buds. 

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Best Ways to Thaw Frozen Meat

Proper thawing is very important as it will keep harmful bacteria from contaminating your meat as well as other foods nearby. It will also preserve the quality and taste of the meat. There are three well known ways to thaw out frozen meat, in the refrigerator, in the microwave, or in a cold water bath.


Thawing out meat in the refrigerator is the best method as it will preserve the meat’s quality and taste the best. The drawback is that it can take a long time. Obviously this depends on the size of the meat, but a couple days can be common. When thawing in a fridge, place the meat in a container like Tupperware so when the meat is thawed the blood wont drip onto other foods. Also for the same reason it is a good idea to store the meat on the bottom shelf. There isn’t much that needs to be done here as long as you plan a few days ahead for the meat to be properly thawed.


You can also use the microwave. The plus side is this is the quickest method, but the downside is this method will begin to warm and even cook the meat, and the meat will lose its flavor, texture and quality. When microwaving be sure to remove the meat from any packaging so it doesn’t melt into the meat or release chemicals into the meat and place the meat in a microwave safe container or plate. Most microwaves have a defrost button that can be set to how many pounds the meat is. The best advice is to microwave the meat in intervals so you can check its progress and not overcook it. Plus, microwave only cheap cuts of meat or meat that is going to be used in a dish where the microwaves potential effects on the meat wont affect it much. So ground beef dishes would work.

Cold Bath

A cold bath is a good method to thaw out meat and time wise isn’t too bad, you can properly thaw meat even if you have only a few hours to spare. Plus the meat can stay in its packaging. The caution is to change out the water as it gets warm, every 30 minutes to an hour, and not to let the meat sit in the water once it is thawed as water can leak into the packaging and the blood can leak out, this will effect the flavor and texture of the meat. But if done properly this is a great way to thaw meat. Simply place the meat in a bowl that will allow you to fully cover the meat with cold water and place in the sink. Sometimes a weight on the meat to keep it submerged in the water can be helpful. Now as mentioned monitor the water temperature and the meat.

Finally, some people wonder about leaving meat on the counter to thaw. This is not a good method as harmful bacteria can enter the meat. The only time this is good is if your meat has mostly been thawed in the fridge or cold bath and you want to finish it on the counter in less than 30 minutes. Some cooks like to bring the meat to room temperature before cooking. But as mentioned it is not recommended to leave meat out for over 30 minutes.

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Best Fall Squash Soups

Winter squashes come in a variety of flavors and textures.  Many can be substituted for each other in recipes, and they lend themselves well to soups and stews.  Squashes are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are great in the cool season when fresh fruits and vegetables are less plentiful.  Soup is one of many ways squash can be eaten, and squash is at its freshest and most wildly available in the fall.  Choose from the best squash soup recipes below, and start cooking tonight.

The kabocha squash is also called Japanese pumpkin. It began popping up in the United States thanks to the Sakata Seed Company.  It has a thick green skin.  The orange flesh has an intense flavor that combines the taste of a sweet potato and a pumpkin.  To really highlight the amazing flavor of the kabocha, try Alton Brown’s Kobocha Squash Soup with Creme Fraiche found here.

By far the most popular selling squash, the butternut is ubiquitous to the squash soup recipe.  Outside of the United States it is often called the “butternut pumpkin,” and many pumpkin products contain its dark orange goodness instead of actual pumpkin.  Well ripened butternut squashes are very sweet, and need something to complement that sweetness.  John Watson at Access Atlanta pairs the sweetness of the butternut squash with the saltiness of bacon in his Maple Bacon Butternut Squash Soup available here. 

The delicata squash is often overlooked for its stringy cousin the spaghetti squash.  The delicata has a mild flavor with just a hint of sweetness, and has a firm flesh that is not stringy.  It also tends to have a thinner skin, which can be left on and eaten unlike most winter squashes.  A Chow Life’s Roasted Delicata Soup is just the ticket to bringing out the subtle nuances of the delicata, and is viewable here.

True pumpkins aren’t really winter squashes, but they are still a squash.  Pumpkins are usually used in things like pies or cakes, but can make an amazing soup.  By far, one of the best squash soups is the Spicey Pumpkin Soup, which is adapted from an O Magazine recipe and can be viewed here.  Try topping the finished product with dried cranberries or subbing the heavy cream with cashew cream for a bit of a twist.

Acorn squash is often overlooked as a base of a soup.  It is usually paired with an orange fleshed squash for soup or served baked with a savory stuffing.  The acorn’s nutty and mild flavor and yellow flesh can stand on it’s own despite the lack of recipes.  The Roasted Acorn Squash Soup on let’s the acorn squash shine on its own, and goes great with a side of toasted bread and fresh chevere cheese.

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Barbeque Sauce Pork

Gravy Master is the secret ingredient for many types of meat. It can be rubbed on a roast that you are putting in the oven, or used as a base in a crock pot. The same is true with turkey gravy. When mixed together, a delicious gravy can be made, with milk in flour, or a type of “au jus” moist base can be added to your meat, keeping the meat itself, moist.

With pork tenderloin, put this combination with marjoram in a crock pot. Marjoram’s use is really created, so it seems for pork. Many people think that bay leaves are only used in a pot of gravy, “red sauce” as a call it, not to be confused with brown gravy. A bay leaf in a crock pot, while cooking pork, adds the perfect spice. Pour a can of pineapple chunks with all the juice into the same pot, and you will have the most flavorful port that you ever tasted.

Perhaps you will enjoy a barbecued flavor while making port tenderloin. Create your own barbeque sauce, using ketchup, water, nutmeg, and vinegar. The recipe calls for celery powder; I have never used it or missed it, quite honestly. Decide if you want a “bite” to your barbeque sauce, and then use red vinegar. If you would just enjoy the flavor of barbeque sauce without a tanginess to your taste buds, use white vinegar. The ketchup is sweet enough to balance out the bitterness of even white vinegar, so no extra sugar in your sauce is needed. Nutmeg is the perfect ingredient to be added to the ketchup, water, and vinegar. This can be used on port tenderloin, a roast, as well as on top of pork chops, whether made in the oven, after browning, or cooked in a crock pot. The beauty of this sauce, is that leftover sauce can be frozen. Unlike bottled barbeque sauces, this homemade concoction can be poured over the mashed potatoes that you are serving with the pork. Cold applesauce eaten, with this dinner, whether sweetened or unsweetened, makes a perfect blend to those that savour the flavors of pork and the sauce that does not cover up the meet, but enhances it.

Pork tenderloin, some think, does not have flavor, unelss it is seasoned. I do not agree with this, for the “other white meat” has so much more flavor, than veal, for example. Pork can be mixed with ingredients to make a sweet and sour dish, or an entirely different meal. It can be cooked like a roast beef, and at times, can taste similar, depending on the sauce that you use, or seasoned lightly so that the meat’s flavor is enhanced with its drippings.

Enjoy your meal, and the ideas set forth. You will like the creativity that pork, just like chicken, can be turned in to, if you look at what is already in your cabinets! Even a little bit of Axelrod onion dip can be added to pork, just as it can be added to roast beef, to make the sauce thicker, and a little saltier, with just the right balance!

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Brunch Menu

Brunch! What a great word!  Brunch: the meal that allows those who favour lie-ins over breakfast not to have to be hungry until lunch time.

The two staples of brunch are coffee and eggs. Good coffee is equal to – or possibly more important than – the food on offer here. Remember, the Sunday Brunch-goers are extremely likely to be hung over and may need to drink their weight in coffee before being able to hold a decent brunch conversation. So make a huge pot of coffee, something strong and muddy. And offer free refills.  If your crowd contains extreme party animals, their bodies would really appreciate a great big dose of vitamin C, so squeeze some oranges and maybe a couple of grapefruits!

Eggs.  As established, eggs are a must.  For larger groups (say three or more), scrambled is the easiest option. This allows the whole dish to be prepared together and permits you to avoid the Who Gets The Best Egg Conundrum. (If you are preparing brunch for only your partner and yourself, make poached eggs and give the best one to them.) Scrambled eggs are at their best a little sloppy, not overcooked with the consistency of popcorn. Furthermore, you should add enough black pepper so they look a little dirty, like they’ve been dropped in the garden and scooped back up.

One of the great things about brunch is that fish is totally acceptable, whereas at breakfast it just seems wrong. Smoked salmon, lightly grilled is really complemented by the eggs and gives your meal an air of elegance. Mackerel is a more economical alternative and the canned variety is almost as tasty as fresh, really handy to have in your cupboard for those unanticipated gatherings. The fish element can be substituted by bacon, the streakier the better.

Some kinds of bakery produce bind the whole meal together; crumpets or waffles are much more interesting than regular bread, serve hot with salted butter. Crumpets also hold dressings well.  With a fish based brunch, crème fraiche with some chopped up dill is a well suited accompaniment. If you opt for bacon, then drizzle on the maple syrup. Either way, include a juicy lemon wedge on each plate, to be squeezed at your guests’ discretion.

To summarise, brunch ideally includes aspects of breakfast and lunch. Breakfast – it is acceptable to have just woken up. Lunch – It is acceptable to go for a nap afterwards.

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British Cheese

Ah, what a wonderful world when there are so many different varieties of cheeses to choose from. Today’s topic is the different kinds of delicious British cheeses which come in a multitude of varieties. Cheeses that can be eaten almost instantly after being made are British fresh cheese. Examples of these are Ricotta which you can use in making pizza, ravioli or lasagna, Cream cheese for your bagel and Cottage cheese which can be eaten alone. Next up are British hard cheeses which can take up to twelve week or even an astounding two years, depending on the type of hard cheese it is. An example of a hard firm cheese which takes two years to age is parmesan or vintage cheddar.

Semi hard British cheese tends to be between a hard and soft consistency and sometimes can be a little rubbery, like Port Salut and other semi hard cheese. The rinds of these semi hard cheeses are sometimes washed with wine or beer to add extra flavor. If you are not familiar with cheese rinds, they are the edge of the cheese which hardens and holds in the moisture of the cheese. The rind part of the cheese is normally recommended to not be eaten.

British hard crumbly cheese has more of a strong flavor accomplished by aging four to eight weeks and having most of the moisture extracted. Examples of these delicious cheeses are Lancashire, Wensleydale and Cheshire. Now, if you are more into eating soft cheese then I would suggest Camembert and Brie which require more time for them to achieve their full flavor potential, but must be eaten within a certain time after being sold.  

If you are truly a cheese lover then there are other types of British cheeses such as Blended cheese and Blue cheese. Blue cheese interestingly enough can be a variety of cheeses which has a blue mold added into them. One of the United Kingdom’s most well known Blue cheese is Blue Stilton. Other Blue cheeses would be Blue Cheshire, Dovedale, Blue Leicester and Shropshire Blue. If you are not familiar with Blended cheeses these are also commonly known as herb cheese or fruit cheese. In the United Kingdom chunks of high quality hard cheeses are mixed together with either apricots or cranberries to produce fruit cheese. Herb cheese is pretty much the way it sounds, your choice of herbs mixed with chunks of excellent cheese. An interesting historical fact is that ancient Romans often blended their cheeses with fruit and herbs such as onions and garlic.

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Breakfast Ideas for School Children

Everyone needs a good start in the morning, which means a nutritious breakfast. This is particularly important for children, who are likely to burn off a lot of energy on the way to school and during morning classes. However, time is usually restricted in the morning, especially when busy parents are getting ready for work at the same time. Following are some ideas to tempt children?s palates first thing in the morning without taking a huge amount of time.

Staffordshire oatcakes

The nutritional benefits of oats are widely touted. Staffordshire-style oatcakes from the UK (very different from the Scottish variety) can easily be made the night before. When stuffed with scrambled eggs mixed with onions, pepper and spinach, they provide an excellent start to the day. They can also be stuffed with cheese and mushroom, or anything else that appeals. The end result is best served hot, but can also be rolled up like a burrito and eaten on the way to school.

Breakfast cookies

Cereal is a popular breakfast choice, but can be immensely boring after a while. A quick and easy alternative is a breakfast cookie or two. Made primarily from grains, the commercial variety is usually full of extra vitamins and minerals, but you can also make your own and add in whatever the family enjoys, including nuts and dried fruit. Again, they can be eaten on the run if necessary, but a drink should accompany them, and there is a risk of smaller children choking. 


For the reluctant breakfast eater, fruit smoothies can be a great choice because they are filling and highly nutritious. Commercial varieties are readily available, and generic brands at least are a reasonable price. However, they are also quick and easy to make at home and can be prepared the night before if time is at a premium in the morning. Slip in some vegetables along with the fruit for an extra injection of nutrients.


Another possibility for breakfast is soup. Although usually confined to lunch and dinner menus, a thick soup can be a delicious alternative on a cold winter morning, particularly for those who prefer a savory start to the day. For those with a sweeter tooth, pumpkin soup is a delicious option. When eaten with a piece of wholegrain bread and low-fat spread, it should provide plenty of energy for the coming morning and can be prepared quickly and easily. Ideally, it should be made at home with plenty of vegetables and grains added in, but commercial varieties are a good choice.


Pierogi are little dumplings of vegetables, cheese and sometimes meat wrapped in unleavened dough. Traditionally Polish, they can be bought ready-made and then either fried or boiled. Obviously the boiled variety is healthier and, when it comes in a soup, it precludes the need for an extra drink. It can be made at home by following a simple recipe; the results can then be frozen and cooked as needed. Chinese jiaozi are another possibility, especially the vegetable varieties, and some children may enjoy trying something a little different.  

With a little bit of imagination and a desire to go beyond traditional breakfast ideas, children, and their parents, can have a healthy breakfast that doesn?t take long to prepare and will provide them with plenty of energy for the day ahead. 

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